ADAM Audio Sub2100 Active Subwoofer Speaker

Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) in and output connectors
ADAM subwoofers

Our subwoofers are dedicated to ADAM Audio’s primary goal: the best possible authenticity in the reproduction of music. For our subwoofers, this means combining power and precision while simultaneously avoiding “impressive” bass volume at the cost of accuracy. Their task is it to complement the highly acclaimed lucidity and transparency of the ADAM monitors in the lower and lowest frequencies.

All subwoofers up to the Sub2100 feature both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) in and output connectors, and numerous controls to adapt to different room acoustics and requirements.


All subwoofers up to the Sub2100 feature a number of controls to adapt to different room acoustics and requirements.

All units have a level control that varies from -60dB to +6dB, a phase ±180° switch and variable upper frequency barrier control (50-150Hz), a switchable 85Hz high pass filter for the satellite output. In addition, there is a ‘signal-on/continuous’ switch. This provides the option of automatic power up whenever the subwoofer receives a signal and automatic power off after 15 minutes of no signal.

Sub2100: The ultimate subwoofer

For the special requirements of large control rooms and studios, ADAM has developed a unique subwoofer. The Sub2100 combines an enormous 21” woofer and an amplifier capable of 1000 W continuous power housed in a bass-reflex enclosure tuned for reproducing frequencies down to 20 Hz. The massive power and the extremely high efficiency (99 dB/W/m) enable this system to produce linear SPL peaks of ≥128 dB without any significant compression.

The biggest voice coil in the world

Essential to the volume of this woofer is the gigantic voice coil, with its 152 mm (the largest worldwide). So, the Sub2100 reaches high SPL in the lowest frequencies perceivable by the human ear. This means nothing less but a new subwoofer benchmark.

Tech Specs

  • Powered:Yes
  • Speaker Size:21.5" Subwoofer
  • Driver Type:Paper Cone
  • Total Power :1000W RMS
  • Frequency Range:18Hz-150Hz
  • Crossover Frequency:50Hz-150Hz
  • Maximum Peak SPL:≥128dB SPL @ 1m
  • Input Types:2 x XLR, 1 x Dual RCA Stereo
  • Output Types:2 x XLR (satellite out), 1 x XLR (sub out), 1 x Dual RCA                 Stereo (satellite)
  • Height:33.5"
  • Width:23.5"
  • Depth:28"
  • Weight:187.4 lbs.
  • Availability: 10 In Stock
  • Model: ADAM Audio Sub2100 Active
  • Manufacturer: ADAM

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