Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre Dual Mode USB Audio Interface

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  • Intuitive One-Button, One-Function Design for Effortless Use.
  • USB-C Interface Compatible with PC and Mac, Full USB 2.0 Support.
  • Robust Metal Chassis in 1U Single Rack Form Factor for Durability.
  • Reversible USB-C Connectivity for Enhanced Compatibility.
  • Class-Leading Conversion and Clocking for Premium Audio Quality.

Introducing the Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre: Elevate Your Sound Experience

Welcome to a new realm of audio excellence with the Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre – a dual-mode USB audio interface that transcends boundaries to deliver exceptional sonic quality, impeccable connectivity, and a host of features designed to empower your music production journey. Let’s delve into the details and discover how the AudioFuse 8Pre is set to become the cornerstone of modern music recording studios.

arturia audiofuse audio interfaceUnlocking Sonic Possibilities: 2-Channel (Dual) Audio Interface

The Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre stands as both an ADAT expander and a dual-mode interface, elevating your audio experience with 8 channels of premium analog sound, rock-solid synchronization, versatile USB-C and optical connectivity. Building on the legacy of award-winning clarity and audio quality, the AudioFuse 8Pre is poised to become the go-to choice for music recording studios.

8 Discrete Pro Preamps

Preserving Your Sonic Essence – Arturia knows that your sound is your essence, and as you pour your heart and soul into your music, the AudioFuse 8Pre has your back. Delivering unparalleled quality within its price range, its 8 Discrete Pro preamps and pure analog signal path allow you to truly “hear” your sound like never before.

Unveiling Every Nuance: Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)

Diving into the Subtlest Details – The AudioFuse 8Pre boasts an incredibly low Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), ensuring that no subtle nuance escapes your capture. Its substantial input gain can handle even the most demanding low-output microphones, all while maintaining a flat frequency response for utmost transparency. And that’s not all – the interface is equipped with the finest A/D converters available, further enhancing its remarkable quality.

Elegance Meets Durability: Smart Design

A Solid Foundation for Your Art – Encased within a sturdy metal chassis, the AudioFuse 8Pre’s smart design is as robust as it is elegant. Its included rack ears can be configured to face forward or downward, giving you the freedom to stand it independently or integrate it into your 19″ racks based on your setup. Adding to its versatility, the interface features ADAT in, allowing you to send artist mix signals with ease.

Elevating Your Creative Journey: AudioFuse Creative Suite

Empowering Your Sonic Expression – The AudioFuse 8Pre arrives complete with the AudioFuse Creative Suite – a dynamic collection of software plugins and instruments that empower you to infuse your music with your unique style. Merging favorites from our acclaimed “You’ll Actually Use” series with Analog Lab Lite, the AudioFuse 8Pre provides access to potent signal processing sounds and iconic synth effects. Enrich the pristine inputs of the AudioFuse 8Pre with awe-inspiring vintage effects!

Precision Meets Power: Platform Specifications

Seamless Integration into Your Workflow – For Windows users, a PC running Win 7 or higher with 4 GB RAM and an Intel i5 CPU or faster is recommended, alongside an OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU. Apple enthusiasts should have at least 10.8+, 4 GB RAM, an Intel i5 CPU or faster, and 1GB of free hard disk storage. The interface demands an OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU to ensure smooth operation.

What’s in the Box: Box Contents

Everything You Need to Begin – When you unbox your AudioFuse 8Pre, you’ll find the unit itself, a USB cable, power supply, and the DiscretePro Certificate – an emblem of its exceptional audio performance.

Size that Fits: Product Dimensions

Form Factor and Fit for Your Setup – The AudioFuse 8Pre boasts dimensions of 17.3 x 10.2 x 1.8 inches (440 x 260 x 45mm), ensuring it’s well-suited for integration into your workspace without overwhelming your setup.

Key Features: Unleashing Audio Potential

  • Analog Balanced Inserts for Channel Flexibility
  • Individualized Speaker and Headphone Level Control for Immediate Connectivity
  • Independent Analog Line Outputs (8) for Versatile Routing
  • Personalized Level Control for Speakers and Phones via Monitoring Section
  • Ultra-Low Latency Direct Monitoring with Internal Mixer
  • Premium Componentry Ensuring Uncompromising Quality
  • Choice Between Analog and Digital Signal Path for Artistic Freedom
  • Remarkable 129dBu Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Among the Best in Its Class
  • Support for Up to 96kHz with 8 Digital ADAT Inputs/Outputs
  • BNC Word Clock Input, Output, and Through Options
  • Balanced TRS Jack Outputs for Speaker Connectivity
  • Stereo Headphone Outputs in 6.35mm and 3.5mm TRS, Designed for High-Impedance Headphones (Up to 600 Ohms)
  • Each Unit Ships with a DiscretePRO Audio Performance Certificate
  • Up to 96kHz Sampling Rate and 24-Bit AD/DA Converters for Premium Audio Quality
  • Stackable 8-Channel USB-C Interface with ADAT Output

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Additional information

Audio Inputs

8 (XLR, balanced)

Line Inputs

2 (1/4" TRS, balanced)

Line Outputs

8 (1/4" TRS, balanced)

Monitor Outputs

2 (1/4" TRS, balanced)

Headphone Outputs

2 (1/4" TRS, unbalanced)

ADAT Input/Output

8 channels at 44.1/48 kHz, 4 channels at 88.2/96 kHz

S/PDIF Input/Output

2 channels (up to 192 kHz)

Word Clock Input/Output

BNC connectors


USB 2.0, Type-B

Direct Monitoring


Power Supply

12V DC, 1.5A (included)

Phantom Power

Yes, +48V


Yes (5-pin DIN)

Talkback Mic


Digital Control

Yes (Arturia AudioFuse Control Center software)


2.3 kg / 5.07 lbs

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Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre Dual Mode USB Audio Interface

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