Audix D2 TRIO 3-Piece Drum Microphone Package

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  • 3-piece drum microphone package designed specifically for toms and percussion.
  • Tailored frequency response for punch, clarity, and warmth without muddiness.
  • VLMTM (Very Low Mass) capsule technology for superior transient response and precise sound capture.
  • DVICE mounts for easy positioning and eliminating the need for bulky stands.
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern for isolating each instrument’s “sweet spot” and reducing off-axis noise.
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Introducing the Audix D2 Trio The Ultimate 3-Piece Drum Microphone Package:

Capture Percussion Brilliance:

The D2 drum microphone delivers punch, clarity, and warmth to your toms, ensuring your percussion cuts through the mix with precision and without muddiness.

Superior Transient Response:

Equipped with VLMTM capsule technology, the D2 Trio captures every musical detail with exceptional transient response, bringing out the nuances of your performance.

Effortless Positioning:

With the included DVICE mounts, you can easily position the microphones exactly where you need them without the hassle of bulky microphone stands.

Audix D2 TRIO 3 Piece Recording Drum Sound

Hypercardioid Precision:

Each D2 mic features a hypercardioid polar pattern for maximum off-axis rejection, isolating the instrument’s “sweet spot” for focused sound capture.

Built to Endure:

Crafted with a durable scratch-resistant spring steel grille and gold-plated contacts, these microphones are built to withstand the demands of live performances and studio sessions, lasting a lifetime.

Anti-Feedback Design:

The D2 Trio boasts a proprietary anti-feedback design, ensuring the highest levels of gain before feedback, giving you more control over your sound.

Ready for Action:Audix D2 3 Piece Microphones

This 3-piece microphone pack comes with individual carry pouches for easy storage and transportation, keeping your microphones safe on the go.

Versatile Application:

Individually tested and hand-assembled, the D2 microphones are application-specific, delivering exceptional results for drum toms and other percussion instruments.

Unleash Percussive Brilliance:

Whether you’re a live performer or studio enthusiast, the Audix D2 Trio is the ultimate solution for capturing the brilliance of your percussion with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Audix D2 Trio Microphone Pack Features:

  • Includes three D2 mics with DVICE mounts and carry pouches
  • Instrument Dynamic
  • Hypercardioid
  • 144dB SPL
  • Proprietary anti-feedback design
  • Black Hard-coat Finish
  • Anti-feedback design for maximum gain before feedback.
  • Durable scratch-resistant spring steel grille with a black hard-coat finish.
  • Gold-plated contacts for reliable and lasting connections.
  • Comes with individual P1 microphone pouches for safe storage and transport.
  • Ideal for both live performances and studio recordings.

What’s in the Box?

Audix D2 TRIO 3 Microphones and Microphone Pouches3 x Audix D2 Rack Tom Microphones
3 x DVICE Mounts for Effortless Positioning
3 x P1 Microphone Pouches for Easy Storage

Experience the power of the Audix D2 Trio and elevate your drum recordings and performances to a whole new level of sonic excellence.

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Additional information

Transducer Type


Number of Microphones


Frequency Response

68 Hz – 18 kHz


3-pin XLRm

Maximum SPL

≥144 dB

Capsule Technology

VLM Type B

Output Impedance

280 ohms


1.2 mV / Pa @ 1k

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Audix D2 Trio 3-Piece Drum Microphone Package with 3-pack Samson MC18 XLR cable

Audix D2 TRIO 3-Piece Drum Microphone Package

3694738892 (-5%)

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