Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Series FET Compressor

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  • FET compressor with Zener and Germanium diode knee curve options
  • Input control for signal level adjustment
  • Gain make-up control for post-compression volume adjustment
  • Attack control and 3-position ratio selection
  • Sidechain filter for precise compression triggering
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Introducing the Little Devil Compressor by Chandler Limited: Vintage Flavors in a Compact 500-Series Module


chandler limited little devil 500 series Side Chain Filter and Input Control

Unleash the power of vintage-inspired compression with the Little Devil Compressor from Chandler Limited. Crafted as a mono 500-series FET compressor, this versatile unit brings forth the essence of Chandler’s iconic compressors – the LTD-2, 2264, 33609, and Germanium Compressor. Featuring a discrete circuit path and transformer-balanced components, it offers a spectrum of compression styles, ranging from colorful and dynamic to smooth and transparent. Its innovative selectable knee curve ensures that you can mold audio signals with a “grabby” impact or a subtle, seamless touch, making it suitable for a wide array of sources, from harmonic acoustic instruments in Zener mode to percussive elements and electric guitars in Germ mode.

Key Controls Explained


Employ the hardwire bypass to swiftly compare compressed and disengaged signals or establish unity gain adjustments.


Positioned at the forefront of the circuit, this attenuator sets the input signal level into the compressor path.


Control the output stage gain to compensate for compression losses or amplify the signal for satisfying volume levels.

Mix Blend

unprocessed audio with the compressed output using this knob, emulating the favored parallel compression technique, ideal for drum and stereo bus processing.


Enjoy a versatile range of attack times, enabling precision in capturing audio elements.


Select from three release settings – slow, medium, and fast – for tailored envelope shaping.


Handpicked by ear, the ratio choices span from subtle to near-limiting. In Zener mode, the ratio interacts with the curve, influencing time constants. Higher Zener ratios result in slower timing.

Curve Switch

Toggle between knee settings to transform the Little Devil into two distinct compressors. The “GERM” curve mimics the Chandler Germanium compressor’s aggressive yet smooth character. The “ZENER” curve, while gentler, permits higher gain reduction with transparency.

Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Series Release Control


Prevent premature compression activation due to low-frequency signals using the sidechain high-pass filter selector. Choose frequencies up to 300 Hz to trigger the compression circuit, or leave it off for unfiltered action.

Chandler Limited’s Legacy

Renowned for their EQs, compressors/limiters, and preamplifiers, Chandler Limited boasts industry-leading quality. The Germanium Series masterfully incorporates vintage germanium transistors, evoking the warm tones of Neve, EMI, Telefunken, and Fairchild units. Beyond hardware, Chandler’s plugin emulations, such as the revered Abbey Road console, faithfully capture classic sounds for modern productions. Trust Chandler Limited to infuse your recordings with an authentic vintage touch.

Experience Vintage Magic

Transform your 500-series rack with the Little Devil Compressor, a gateway to Chandler Limited’s vintage-inspired compression and timeless sonic craftsmanship.

Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor Module Features:

  • FET compressor module
  • Input control and curve selection with zener and germanium diode knees
  • Gain make-up control
  • Attack control and 3-position ratio control
  • Sidechain filter
  • THD selection
  • Release control
  • Full hardwire bypass
  • Runs on any 500 series rack and Power Supply Unit
  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) selection for added coloration
  • Release control for shaping envelope characteristics
  • Full hardwire bypass for quick signal comparison
  • Compatible with any 500 series rack and Power Supply Unit

Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Series Hardwire Bypass Compressor


  • API 500v 10-slot with L200 PSU
  • API 500v 10-slot with L200 PSU
  • API 500-6B Lunchbox
  • API 500-6B HC “new version” Lunchbox
  • BAE 11-slot with power one supply
  • BAE 6-slot portable with power one supply
  • BAE 6-slot with Avedis designed supply
  • Empirical Labs 2-slot
  • A-Designs 2-slot
  • Purple Sweet 10


I/O: 500 Series Enclosure, transformer balanced, pin 2 hot

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FET Compressor

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Input, Mix, Output, Attack, Sidechain, Ratio, Release

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Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Series FET Compressor Module with Sidechain Filter

Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Series FET Compressor

124431130980 (-5%)

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