Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Series Harmonic EQ

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  • 3-band Harmonic EQ with 10dB boost/cut per band
  • Unique harmonic saturation types in each band (LO/HI shelf, MID peak)
  • Wireless OPTOSYNC linking for stereo operation
  • +/-20dB input/output gain controls and 41-position detented pots
  • Versatile for instruments, vocals, mixes, and masters.
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The Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Equalizer is a unique 3-band parametric EQ designed for the 500 series format. It introduces a groundbreaking concept called “Harmonic EQ,” which utilizes harmonic saturation to boost and cut frequency content, providing a genuine analog harmonic saturation experience with the control of an equalizer. Here’s a detailed overview of its features:

carnaby 500 equalizer

Harmonic EQ Concept:

The Carnaby 500 is the world’s first Harmonic EQ, enhancing audio sources, stems, and mixes with analog harmonic saturation for a warm and musical sound.

3-Band Parametric EQ:

The EQ features three interactive bands, each with 10 dB of boost/cut and sweepable overlapping frequency controls.

HI Band: Covers a frequency range from 5kHz to 25kHz, adding smooth saturation to extend high frequencies for air and breath in vocals and acoustic instruments.

MID Band: A peaking filter with a fixed Q and a wide sweepable frequency range from 200 Hz to 6.2 kHz, using saturation to emphasize harmonics anywhere in the frequency range.

LO Band: With a frequency range of 420 Hz down to 20 Hz, it uses hard-clipping saturation to extend sub-harmonic frequencies into the audible low-end, suitable for subtle warming or extreme saturation.

cranborne audio carnaby 500

Dynamic Response:

Unlike traditional EQs, Carnaby 500 exhibits a dynamic response, increasing total boost/cut and harmonics as you drive the circuits harder. Each band has input and output level controls with ±20 dB of adjustment, allowing for saturation and distortion effects or cleaner EQ.

Stereo-Link via OPTOSYNC:

Carnaby 500 offers an innovative stereo-linking feature called OPTOSYNC, allowing two units to work as a perfect stereo pair. OPTOSYNC synchronizes controls from the left unit to the right wirelessly using LED and optical communication. This can be used for stereo mixes or linking multiple units for broader applications.

carnaby 500 cranborne

Rugged Industrial Design:

The processor is designed with a robust and unique structural support system, custom 41-way detented pots on every control, and automatic calibration for all analog saturation paths, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

CARNABY 500 Features:

  • 3-band Harmonic EQ developed by Cranborne Audio.
  • Parametric LO and HI shelving bands with ±10 dB cut/boost and harmonic saturation.
  • Parametric peaking MID band with ±10 dB cut/boost, fixed Q, and harmonic saturation.
  • LED indicators to display saturation level for each band.
  • ±20 dB Input and Output Level controls.
  • OptoSync wireless communication for linking controls between units.
  • ⅛” TRS socket for linking non-adjacent modules.
  • Circuit auto-calibration for precise stereo matching.
  • True-bypass IN/OUT switching with complete or post-input trim modes.
  • Stepped front-panel controls for quick recall and precision.

The Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Equalizer combines innovation, versatility, and analog warmth, making it a valuable tool for enhancing audio in professional studios.


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500 Series Harmonic EQ Module

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Input, Hi level, Mid level, Lo level, Output


Lo, Mid, Hi

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Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ

Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Series Harmonic EQ

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