Elysia karacter 500 Series Saturation/Distortion : A Pro Quality

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  • Discrete Class A Topology for constant Class A mode.
  • Mastering-Grade Saturation with soft-curve THD for symmetrical clipping.
  • FET Shred mode for tube-like asymmetrical distortion.
  • Turbo Boost shifts operating point in FET Shred mode.
  • Color Filter alters harmonics-frequency relation for varied tonal-colors.
  • Integrated M/S matrix processes mid and side signals.
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Introducing the Elysia Karacter 500 – Your Ultimate Tonal-Color Generator

The Elysia Karacter 500 Saturation/Distortion is a 500 Series Module with 2-channel tonal-color generation. It offers both symmetrical and asymmetrical distortion, along with Turbo Boost, Color Filter, and versatile Stereo, Dual-mono, and M/S operation. This compact unit is a vibrant spectrum of colors, including mastering-grade saturation, tube-inspired distortion, and glorious destruction. No longer reliant on racks full of outboard gear, the Karacter 500 delivers elusive and highly desirable styles of tonal coloration. Designed with discrete class-A topology, it elevates even lo-fi sounds with its high-end touch. Whether you want to enhance your tracks or unleash creative destruction, it all comes down to the Karacter.

Elysia karacter 500 Series Saturation with Color Generator

Unleash a World of Sonic Possibilities

The Elysia Karacter 500 is a powerful 500 Series distortion module, meticulously crafted with discrete Class A topology, to bring a stunning array of sonic options to your fingertips. From mastering-grade saturation to tube-style distortion and creative waveform manipulation, this versatile unit is an indispensable tool for any studio or live environment. Whether you seek subtle warmth or extreme sound sculpting, the Karacter 500 delivers, making it a must-have for musicians, producers, and sound engineers alike.

Unrivaled Flexibility for Creative Freedom

With two channels that can be used in dual mono, linked stereo, or M/S configurations, the Karacter 500 offers unparalleled flexibility in shaping your sound. Experience true dual mono operation, processing two independent signals simultaneously, or engage stereo link mode for seamless control over stereo sources. M/S unlinked mode empowers you to process mid and side signals independently, allowing you to craft intricate stereo spectra. Meanwhile, M/S linked mode ensures consistency in your stereo processing by treating both side signals as a single audio path.

Mastering-Grade Saturation for Sublime Tonal Enhancement

At the heart of the Karacter 500 lies its mastering-grade saturation capabilities. Adding unobtrusive coloration and thickness, this mode produces a soft characteristic curve while focusing on uneven harmonics (h3, h5, etc.). Easily blend the ideal amount of saturation with your dry signal using the integrated mix control, preserving your signal integrity while infusing it with rich character.

Tube-Inspired Distortion with Turbo Boost

In FET shred mode, the Karacter 500 generates tube-like asymmetrical distortion, allowing you to dial in everything from subtle harmonics to aggressive destruction. The Turbo Boost feature shifts the operating point of the distortion circuit, unlocking even more tonal possibilities and unleashing sonic mayhem when desired.

Fine-Tune Harmonics with the Color Filter

To further expand your tonal-color palette, the Karacter 500 is equipped with a Color Filter network. Tailor the harmonics-frequency relation to achieve your desired timbre and create distinctive sonic signatures that set your music apart.

Designed for Audiophiles, Built to LastElysia karacter 500 Series with Aluminium Knobs

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the Elysia Karacter 500 is engineered using discrete Class A topology, ensuring high-end audio quality for even the most lo-fi sounds. The unit boasts premium components, gold-plated PCBs, a robust 4mm aluminum front panel, and solid aluminum knobs, making it a reliable companion for years of creative exploration.

Elevate Your Music with Elysia Karacter 500

Discover a world of tonal possibilities and elevate your music to new heights with the Elysia Karacter 500. Whether you’re a seasoned producer, mixing engineer, or creative musician, this 500 Series module will become your go-to tool for adding vibrant colors, warmth, and character to your tracks. Experience unmatched flexibility, top-notch build quality, and the freedom to paint your tones with the Elysia karacter 500 – the ultimate tonal-color generator. Designed and built with pride in Elysia’s factory in Nettetal, Germany, this premium unit is ready to enhance your music-making journey. Unleash your creativity with the Karacter 500 – your sound, your art.

elysia karacter 500 series india

Elysia karacter 500 Saturation/Distortion 500 Series Module Features:

  • Mastering-Grade Saturation: The Elysia karacter 500 offers a soft-curve THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) generation, allowing you to add unobtrusive coloration and thickness to your music. It focuses on uneven harmonics, providing a musical and pleasing symmetrical clipping.
  • FET Shred Mode: This mode delivers a broad range of tube-like asymmetrical distortion, perfect for achieving various levels of harmonic intensity and creative sound destruction.
  • Turbo Boost: The Turbo Boost feature shifts the operating point of the distortion circuit in FET Shred mode, providing additional tonal coloration possibilities and unleashing more aggressive and unique sonic textures.
  • Color Filter Network: The integrated Color Filter enables you to fine-tune the harmonics-frequency relation, allowing for even more tonal-color variation. Shape your sound with precision and create distinctive sonic signatures.
  • Dual Mono/Stereo Link: The Elysia karacter 500 an be operated in dual mono mode, giving you two fully independent channels of saturation/distortion. Alternatively, you can link both channels for comfortable processing of stereo sources, saving time on matching settings.
  • M/S Processing: The unit features an integrated M/S matrix, enabling you to process the mid and side signals independently or linked. This allows for detailed control over the stereo image and provides endless creative options.
  • Stepped Potentiometers: The stepped potentiometers on the Karacter 500 ensure precise and accurate recall of your settings, making it easy to recreate your favorite tonal colors and distortion configurations.Elysia karacter 500 Series Saturation for display
  • Discrete Class A Topology: Designed with discrete Class A topology, the Elysia karacter 500 ensures high-end audio quality and premium sound even for lo-fi signals.
  • Premium Build Quality: Crafted in Elysia’s factory in Nettetal, Germany, the Karacter 500 boasts top-shelf components, gold-plated PCBs, a robust 4mm aluminum front panel, and solid aluminum knobs, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Versatility and Creativity: From subtle warmth to extreme sound shaping, the Karacter 500 offers a vast palette of colors, making it an all-in-one solution for achieving the perfect tonal coloration for your music.
  • Suitable for Studio and Live Use: With its versatile features and high-quality construction, the Karacter 500 is equally at home in the recording studio or live performances, adding character and depth to your sound in any setting.
  • Easy Integration in 500 Series Racks: The Karacter 500 is designed to be used with standard 500 Series racks, making it compatible with various setups and easy to integrate into your existing studio environment.

Additional information

Module Slot Count



Drive, Color, Gain, Mix

Number of Channels

2 (stereo, dual mono, m/s)

Processor Type

Harmonic, Saturation

Power Usage

±16V DC

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elysia karacter 500 Series Saturation

Elysia karacter 500 Series Saturation/Distortion : A Pro Quality

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