elysia mpressor 500 Series Compressor

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  • 500 Series compressor with 100% Class A circuit topology
  • THD Boost harmonic enhancement for a grittier sonic flavor
  • Auto Fast attack always provides a perfect attack
  • Anti Log circuit generates explicit compression effects such as pumping and breathing
  • Gain Reduction Limiter lets you select maximum GR with a knob twist
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A mpressor for Your 500 Series Rack!

The Elysia mpressor 500 brings the signal-shaping prowess of elysia’s acclaimed rackmount mpressor to the 500 Series format. Streamlined for the space constraints of a single-wide module, the mpressor 500 is mono and lacks the EQ circuitry of its bigger brother, but as a compressor, it delivers the powerful punch, flexible dynamics shaping, and highly detailed Class A sonics you expect. Its sound and versatility make the  elysia mpressor 500 ideal for both recording and mixing, and its special features give it capabilities far beyond most conventional compressors. Like its 19-inch rackmount sibling, the mpressor 500 features negative ratios, extreme time constants, Anti Log release, and elysia’s proprietary gain reduction limiting. Unique to the 500 Series modules is switchable THD Boost harmonic enhancement, which lets you dial in delightfully gritty saturation and signal coloration.

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Future Dynamics

The elysia mpressor 500 brings the heritage of our extremely powerful rack mount mpressor into the 500 series format. Like its bigger brother, the mpressor 500 combines serious punch with a full and detailed class-A sound. Its great tone and flexibility make it an excellent choice for recording and mixing, while its remarkable special features take it far beyond the borders of what normal compressors can do.

Its massive sound, next generation features and its creative approach make the elysia mpressor 500 a truly outstanding tool in the world of dynamics processing – the compressor from the future.

5 reasons why you should use the mpressor 500

even there are many more!

Build Quality

The mpressor 500, just like all our products, is designed, engineered and handcrafted in Germany.

Discrete Class-A Technology

Consequently represents the art of discrete signal processing.


Elysia mpressor 500 has a switchable semi automation which always provides perfect attack and release.


Ratio, Attack, Release, Gain Reduction Limiter, Threshold

Stepped Controllers

These Controllers provides you a quick and easy recall.

Gain Reduction Limiter Feature

This limiter is not placed in the audio path where you would usually find it, but in the control path of the compressor.

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THD Boost elysia

Activating the THD Boost function raises the level in front of the gain control element. This generates additional harmonics inside the input stage of this amplifier, which has a significant influence on the sonic structure of a signal.

The elysia mpressor 500 is a pure feed forward compressor, and the gain potentiometer is placed before the control element. This means that the intensity of the saturation can be raised or lowered by different settings of the gain controller.

What’s special: The detector in the sidechain of the compressor runs in parallel and is therefore not influenced by the THD Boost at all. The actual compression does not change, it is only the sound which is being influenced.

In elysia mpressor 500 you generate a saturated signal which as a result is also reduced in dynamics, but the actual control of the compressor itself is always based on the original dynamics including all transients, impulses and so on.elysia mpressor 500 Series Compressor 4

A compressor that promotes innovation

Not your typical compressor, the Elysia Mpressor 500.It’s intended to motivate you and lift your music to new aural heights. With just one switch, you can give your bass more thump by using the amazing Anti Log button. For quick access to amazing sounds, an Auto Fast button adjusts your attack speed to the fastest preset. When you combine the elysia’s features, you can come up with creative new applications for this incredibly musical and flexible compressor that blur the distinction between compression and effects and work particularly well for electronic music.


  • 100% Class-A Topology: High-end boutique sound at a reasonable price
  • Harmonics for a gritty flavor with THD Boost
  • Auto Fast – The ideal strike in any circumstance
  • Anti-Log: Instant breathing and pumping
  • Negative Ratios for Special Effects of Compression
  • Controls with steps for quick and simple recall
  • Handmade in Nettetal, Germany at the elysia factory

Additional information

Number of Channels



1 x XLR


1 x XLR

Module Slot Count


Power Usage

75mA, ±16V DC


-25dB to 15dB


9:1 to negative ratio

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elysia mpressor 500 Series Compressor with Auto Fast Attack, Anti Log Circuit, Negative Ratios,Gain Reduction Limiter

elysia mpressor 500 Series Compressor

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