Elysia xfilter 4-band Parametric EQ – Mastering Edition – A Pro Quality

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  • True Stereo Link: Enjoy the benefits of dual-channel operation with true stereo link capability, automatic channel matching for consistent EQ settings.
  • Premium Build Quality: Housed in a rugged aluminum chassis, the xfilter Mastering Edition boasts high-quality construction,reliability.
  • Precise Channel Matching: Computer-selected components guarantee precise channel matching, providing identical performance for both channels.
  • Class A Topology: Experience pristine audio quality with Class A topology, minimizing distortion.
  • Gridded Potentiometers: Equipped with gridded potentiometers, the xfilter Mastering Edition ensures accurate control and precise adjustments.

Introducing the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition – A Pro-Quality Analog Stereo Equalizer

Introducing the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition 4-Band Analog Stereo Equalizer, a true stereo linked EQ meticulously designed to meet the demanding standards of mastering professionals. Crafted with Class-A performance in mind, this EQ offers outstanding versatility and precision for achieving pristine sound quality. The heart of elysia’s flagship museq EQ processor beats within the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition, ensuring exceptional audio results.

At the core of its design, computer-selected 41-step pots deliver a precise stereo image, while the discrete circuitry guarantees optimum performance. The intuitive layout allows for effortless control and unleashes your maximum creative potential. With ±5 dB control over all four bands and the ability to switch between narrow and wide Q factor settings, this equalizer provides ultra-precise filtering tailored to your exact needs.

A standout feature is the additional passive high-band EQ, allowing you to effortlessly polish the top end of your audio with a simple push of a button. Furthermore, the true stereo link facilitates seamless equalization by processing both channels with a single set of controllers, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.

Engineered specifically for mastering purposes, the balanced output stage now offers up to +27 dBu of headroom, providing ample space to perfect your tracks. With its robust range of filtering options and unparalleled flexibility, the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition surpasses expectations, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a professional-quality mastering EQ without the premium price tag. Elevate your audio mastering process with the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition and experience the exceptional German engineering and craftsmanship behind this top-tier equalizer.

Sophisticated Equalization Architecture

Elevate Your Mastering Process

The Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition 4-Band Analog Stereo Equalizer is a powerful and versatile EQ designed to meet the exacting standards of professional mastering engineers. With its precise stereo image and Class-A performance, this EQ delivers maximum creative potential and high-quality sound for mastering tasks. Handcrafted with care and featuring sophisticated equalization architecture, the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition is a top choice for those seeking a premium mastering EQ without the premium price tag.

True Stereo Operation for Seamless Processing

Unlike most equalizers, the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition goes beyond dual-channels, offering full stereo link functionality. This means you can effortlessly process both channels with just one set of controllers, eliminating the hassle of trying to match EQ settings manually. Thanks to computer-selected dual and quad layer pots, and special low tolerance FKS-type film capacitors, both channels maintain identical performance regardless of the settings chosen. Whether you’re working in mono or stereo, the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition streamlines your workflow, providing a seamless and intuitive experience.

Shelve or Cut with Precision

The Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition’s outer bands offer remarkable flexibility by allowing you to switch between shelving and peak cut filters. In standard mode, these filters act as sweet-sounding high- and low-shelf filters, ideal for shaping the fundamentals and airiness of your tracks. Alternatively, you can independently switch them to high- and low-cut filters with 12 dB per octave and an additional resonance peak. This gives you the power to achieve clean and punchy cuts or extended bass ranges for added sonic depth. In the high range, the resonance filter enables accentuation of specific frequencies without boosting the entire spectrum, avoiding harshness or unwanted shifts in the treble.

Elysia xfilter 4 band Parametric EQ – Mastering Edition – A Pro Quality2

Reach New Heights with Passive High-Band

On top of its four active bands, the xfilter Mastering Edition boasts a switchable fixed LC filter designed to polish the high-frequency range. This unique filter includes a slight resonance peak at 12 kHz, tapering off at 17 kHz. The coil’s saturation-like storage effect hones in on the peak without pushing the entire high-frequency spectrum. Shielded inductors eliminate unwanted hum and noise, ensuring a pristine top end that adds brilliance to your mastered tracks.

Fine-Tuned Flexibility with Switchable Parametric Bands

The xfilter Mastering Edition offers two Q factors for each of the three parametric bands: Wide (Q 0.5) and Narrow (Q 1.0). Following the proportional Q principle, these Q factors provide musical processing capabilities, enabling you to precisely sculpt your audio with finesse.

Elysia xfilter 4 band Parametric EQ – Mastering Edition – A Pro Quality

Professional-Grade Design

Tuned for Mastering Excellence

Built with mastering in mind, the xfilter Mastering Edition comes with retuned elements to suit the most demanding mastering tasks. It boasts an impressive ±5 dB control range for each of its four EQ bands, ensuring precise adjustments with excellent tracking across linked stereo channels. The balanced output stage provides ample headroom, reaching up to +27 dBu, a highly desirable feature for mastering professionals.

Stepped Potentiometers for Instant Recall

The Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition features stepped pots with 41 steps each, providing instant recall for your mix and mastering sessions. Gain pots are equipped with dual layers, while frequency selection pots have an impressive four layers each. Elysia uses an Audio Precision rig and computer routines to measure every layer carefully, ensuring consistent performance between channels and delivering an exceptional user experience.

Discrete Class-A Topology for Audiophile Sound

The Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition employs high-quality, Class-A topology for its discrete electronics, resulting in minimal distortion and zero turn-on time. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing and calibration to the highest standards using in-house, computer-aided testing devices and custom tools, guaranteeing exceptional sound quality for your mastering projects.

German Engineering – Crafted to Perfection

Proudly engineered and made in Germany, the Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition reflects elysia’s extreme attention to detail and commitment to high build quality standards. Custom-designed parts and handcrafted construction make each unit unique and reliable. With the xfilter Mastering Edition, you can expect precision, power, and sophistication in one outstanding mastering EQ.

  • High and Low Shelf Bands: Effortlessly shape the fundamental and airiness of your audio signals with the versatile high and low shelf bands.
  • Switchable Bands: The high and low shelf bands can be switched to alternate modes, offering expanded filtering options to suit your specific mastering requirements.

Elysia xfilter 4 band Parametric EQ – Mastering Edition – A Pro Quality 1

Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition Features:

  • True Stereo Link
  • Precise Control Range
  • Switchable Q Factor
  • Additional Passive High-Band EQ
  • Balanced Output Stage
  • Class-A Topology
  • Handcrafted, Discrete Circuitry
  • Stepped Potentiometers
  • High and Low Shelf Bands
  • High and Low Pass Filter with Resonance
  • Two Parametric Mids with Switchable Q-Factor
  • German Engineering
  • Lightweight Aluminum Housing
  • Versatility and Flexibility
  • Intuitive Design

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Additional information

Boost/Cut Range


Frequency Response

10Hz-400kHz (-3dB)


2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" (L/R)


2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" (L/R), 2 x 1/4" (external out)


4.23 lbs

High Pass Filter


Low Pass Filter


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Elysia xfilter 4-band Parametric EQ - Mastering Edition - A Pro Quality

237789304370 (-22%)

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