Elysia Xpressor Qube Series Stereo Compressor with Desktop Chassis

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  • Visually monitor dynamic LED Meter
  • Made in Germany
  • Over-compression is avoided by Gain Reduction Limiter
  • High-efficient tactile experience with hand-made potentiometers
  • Advance version of the acclaimed performance of the Xpressor 500 with innovative features
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Introducing the Elysia Xpressor Qube: A Versatile, Do-It-All Compressor


The Elysia Xpressor Qube is a remarkable 500 Series Class A compressor, now housed in a sleek desktop chassis. With its discrete Class A circuitry, this compressor preserves your audio’s integrity, ensuring a punchy and vibrant sound. Offering two channels of exceptional compression capabilities, the Xpressor Qube is a powerful addition to any studio setup. One standout feature is the Auto Fast mode, which provides switchable semi-automation for achieving the perfect attack, even with dynamically challenging material. Additionally, the Xpressor Qube boasts stepped pots, allowing for easy repeatability of results.

Ace your Attack with Auto Fast

The attack parameter is crucial for any compressor, but finding the right settings can be tricky, especially with diverse source material. The Auto Fast feature in the Xpressor Qube simplifies this process. By setting the attack time to 80ms and engaging Auto Fast mode, the compressor automatically shortens the attack on fast and loud impulses, preventing peaks from slipping through and causing distortion. Once the transient is tamed, the attack time seamlessly reverts to its original setting. This intelligent automation ensures that the compressor is lightning fast only when necessary, making it effective on any source material.

Flexible and Tactile Control

The Xpressor Qube goes beyond software plugins, providing a high-performance tactile control experience with custom-made potentiometers, adhering to the highest industry standards. This hands-on control enhances your audio processing workflow while saving precious CPU power in your DAW. The compressor’s design guarantees optimal performance and responsiveness without any perceptible latency.

Elysia Xpressor Qube Compressor Desktop Chassis


  • Stepped Potentiometers: Achieve precise and repeatable compression settings effortlessly.
  • Versatile Compressor: Offering a discrete Class-A topology, the Xpressor Qube excels in various compression tasks.
  • Auto Fast, Log Release, Warm Mode: A suite of versatile and innovative features for tailoring your compression needs.
  • Sidechain Filter: Reduce low-frequency influence on overall compression for improved precision.
  • Gain Reduction Limiter Circuit: Enhance control and avoid over-compression artifacts in the signal path.
  • Switchable Release Characteristics: Fine-tune the release behavior to match specific audio sources.
  • Analog Dynamic LED Meter: Visually monitor compression activity with accuracy and clarity.
  • Designed and Built in Germany: Handcrafted in Elysia’s factory in Nettetal, Germany, ensuring top-notch build quality and attention to detail.

Elysia Xpressor Qube Series Stereo Compressor with Desktop Chassis 1

In conclusion, the Elysia Xpressor Qube combines the acclaimed performance of the Xpressor 500 with new and innovative features in a compact desktop unit. Its Auto Fast mode, stepped pots, and tactile control make it a versatile and indispensable tool for achieving outstanding compression results on any audio source. Elevate your studio capabilities with the Elysia Xpressor Qube and experience the difference it brings to your music production journey.

Additional information

Module Type

500 Series

Input Connectors

1/4-inch TRS, Analog XLR

Output Connectors

1/4-inch TRS, Analog XLR

Number of Channels

Dual Channel

Module Slot Count

Two Slots



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elysia xpressor qube Series Stereo Compressor with Desktop Chassis

Elysia Xpressor Qube Series Stereo Compressor with Desktop Chassis

142535182444 (-22%)

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