Focal Alpha Twin Evo Dual 6.5-inch Powered Studio Monitor Pair


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  • 6.5″ (16.5 cm) woofers with a slate-fiber cone with a very low distortion with excellent dynamics
  • The tonal balance is the same at both low and high loudness and automatically disabling standby mode
  • Extensive laminar vent and three inputs: RCA, TRS, and XLR
  • Setup of the bass and treble levels
  • Included are protection grilles

Focal Alpha Twin Evo Dual 6.5-inch Powered Studio Monitor Overview:

The Focal Alpha Twin Evo is a sturdy, adaptable speaker system that will enhance your modern production setup and offer the honest, accurate monitoring, high SPL, and rich low-end extension you require to deliver results of the highest caliber.

Focal’s Next-gen Alpha Twin Evo To present to you the next generation of Focal’s Alpha series monitors. The Alpha Twin Evo design leverages cutting-edge materials and engineering to advance the state of the art in studio monitoring. This compact twin active monitor employs a 1-inch aluminum tweeter and dual 6.5-inch woofers with Slatefiber cones developed and handcrafted in Focal’s Saint-Étienne, France-based facility. Powered by 130 watts of optimized Class D tri-amplification and engineered to deliver flat tonal balance and outstanding dynamic range, the Alpha Twin Evo is designed from the ground up for improved performance over previous-generation Alpha monitors.

Outstanding performance and unwavering precision:

The new Slatefiber LF drivers are the brains of the Alpha Twin Evo. When compared to the Alpha Twin Evo’s Alpha series predecessors, the unique properties of the Slatefiber material utilized for the cones have significantly increased the low-frequency extension, dynamic range, and overall impact. A 1-inch aluminum inverted dome tweeter has also been modified to more accurately express the smallest details in playback material without any trace of harshness or the listening fatigue associated with many high-definition tweeter designs. The Alpha Twin Evo is the ideal active studio monitor for you if your projects call for high SPL and ultra-deep low-end extension.

Believe on Focal monitors:

 Focal’s Alpha Twin Evo active studio monitor is designed to reproduce your audio signal with unfailing accuracy thanks to its extended frequency response and exquisite imaging. Beyond its remarkable performance, this monitor is built to integrate into your studio in flexible, seamless manner. In addition to balanced XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs, the Alpha Twin Evo delivers the energy-saving simplicity of Focal’s automatic sleep mode, which shuts off power after 15 minutes of inactivity. This function optimizes the system for any acoustic setting. engineers rely on Focal monitors to accurately convey what they are recording. You can also have faith in them.

Features of Dual 6.5-inch Powered Studio Monitors, Focal Alpha Twin Evo (Each) :

  • Enhanced dynamic range, sheer impact, and LF extension
  • Response to frequency: 38Hz–22kHz (+/–3dB)
  • The highest SPL is 108dB SPL (peak at 1 m).
  • Two 50-watt Class D mid-/low-frequency amplifiers.
  • 30W, Class D high-frequency amplifier
  • A large dispersion to ensure clear sound across the space
  • The system is optimized for any acoustic situation via HF/LF shelving.
  • Handmade French slatefiber cones: neutrality and absence of distortion
  • The tonal balance is the same at both low and high loudness
  • Link up to three audio sources.
  • Unbalanced RCA, balanced XLR, and TRS inputs
  • Automatic standby mode after a period of inactivity of 15 minutes
  • Protective grilles and wall-mounting inserts are included

In the Box of Focal Alpha Twin Evo:

  • 1 x speaker
  • 1 x power cable
  • 1 x protective grille for the tweeter (we advise that you remove it for listening as soon as possible).
  • 1 x protective grille for the woofer (we advise that you remove it for listening as soon as possible).
  • 4 x rubber feet

Additional information



Power Configuration




LF Driver Size

2 x 6.5"

LF Driver Type

Slatefiber Cone

HF Driver Size

1" Tweeter

HF Driver Type

Aluminum Inverted Dome

LF Driver Power Amp

2 x 50W

HF Driver Power Amp


Frequency Response


Maximum Peak SPL

108 dB SPL @ 1m

Input Types

1 x XLR, 1 x RCA, 1 x 1/4" TRS


26.9 lbs

Enclosure Material

Solid MDF wood cabinet with black vinyl wrap

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Focal Alpha Twin Evo Dual 6.5-inch Powered Studio Monitor Pair


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