Focal Pro Shape 65 (SINGLE) Powered Studio Monitor

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  • Low-directivity tweeter for versatile listening positions.
  • Portless design with dual passive radiator for wall placement flexibility.
  • Multiple settings for seamless integration.
  • Precise control, even in high frequencies.
  • Flax sandwich cone for controlled bass and well-defined mid-ranges.
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Focal Pro Shape 65 (single)

 A detailed description of the Shape 65 monitor speaker from Focal’s Shape line. The Shape 65 is designed for nearfield monitoring and offers various features and innovations to enhance acoustic frequencies and provide accurate sound reproduction. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and information mentioned:

Reference Speaker:

The Shape 65 is referred to as the reference speaker in the Shape line, indicating that it’s a model that others in the line aspire to match in terms of performance and quality.

Special Monitoring Quality:

Despite being designed for nearfield monitoring, the Shape 65 offers exceptional monitoring quality across a wide frequency range, from low to high frequencies.

Optimal Listening Distance:

The speaker is designed to deliver its best performance when listened to from a distance of three feet away (approximately 1 meter).

Made in France:

The monitors are fully manufactured in France.

Innovations for Acoustic Improvement:

The Shape 65 incorporates five innovations that are aimed at enhancing the acoustic frequencies, ensuring clear and accurate sound reproduction.

Designed for Nearfield Monitoring:

The Shape monitors are specifically designed to address the needs of nearfield monitoring, which is when speakers are placed relatively close to the listener.

Acoustic Transparency:

The developments in the design result in impressive acoustic transparency, allowing for precise sound reproduction.

Precise Stereo Image:

The monitors provide a wide and highly accurate stereo image, which is important for accurately perceiving the placement of sound sources.

Controlled Bass:

The bass register is well-defined and controlled, enhancing the overall balance of the sound.

Neutral Mid-Range:

The lower mid-range and mid-range frequencies are neutral and unbiased, contributing to a more balanced and accurate sound representation.

High-Definition Tweeter:

The new tweeter in the Shape 65 offers very high definition and is capable of revealing subtle details and hissing sounds. It’s especially precise in the high-frequency range.

Key Features Summary:

Tweeter with low directivity for flexible listening positions.
Designed without a port but with a double passive radiator, allowing for placement near a wall.
Various settings available for optimal integration in different environments.
Accurate sound control even in the high-frequency range.
Flax sandwich cone for controlled bass and well-defined mid-range frequencies.
Mounting options on the back and under the amplifier for versatile installation.

Overall, the Shape 65 monitor speaker is designed to provide exceptional sound quality and accurate monitoring capabilities, particularly for nearfield listening environments.

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Additional information

LF Driver Size


LF Driver Type


LF Driver Material


HF Driver Size


HF Driver Type

M profile

HF Driver Material


LF Driver Power Amp


HF Driver Power Amp


Frequency Range


Input Types

1 x XLR, 1 x RCA

H x W x D

14″ x 8.6″ x 11.2″


12.8 kg

Also includes…

3-band EQ, High-pass filter, 6.5″ passive side radiator

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Focal Pro Shape 65 (SINGLE) Powered Studio Monitor

104533110035 (-5%)

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