LaChapell Audio Model 583e 500 Series 3 – Band Equalizer – Amazing Facts!

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  • The EQ section functions autonomously from the preamp, allowing separate operation.
  • A center-chassis mounted tube design effectively isolates heat, preventing interference with other 500 modules in the power rack.
  • Swappable tubes offer the ability to achieve diverse sonic variations.
  • This amplifier features genuine vacuum tube technology and offers fully adjustable input/output controls.
  • Equipped with an 80% nickel output transformer and boasting a clean, attractive layout.

LaChapell Audio Model 583e

500 Series 3-Band Equalizer and Preamp – Master Your Audio


The LaChapell Audio Model 583e is a powerful 500 Series 3-band Equalizer (EQ) and Tube Preamp that offers mastering-quality sound and precise tone shaping capabilities. It features a transformer-isolated Tube Preamp with a 12AX7 tube and a Transformerless EQ section with a Jensen JT-115k transformer-based input stage, ensuring ultra-clear and phase-coherent audio performance.

LaChapell Audio Model 583e 500 Series Tube Preamp

Transparent and Dynamic Tube Preamp

The LaChapell Audio Model 583e’s preamp section is packed with character, providing the warmth and dynamic range that only a 12AX7 tube can deliver. With a gain range of 0dB to 70dB and an input impedance of 1.5 Kohms for microphones and 40 Kohms for high-Z instruments, this preamp offers exceptional versatility for various recording applications.

Precision Tone Shaping with Transformerless EQ

The three-band EQ in the LaChapell Audio Model 583e allows you to shape your audio with precision. Each EQ band has a fixed Q, ensuring very low phase deviation and complete transparency in your sound control. The EQ bands cover the following frequency ranges: Low (30Hz-40Hz), Mid (325Hz-5kHz), and High (2.5kHz-20kHz). With a +/-8dB cut/boost range, you have the flexibility to subtly enhance or dramatically transform your audio.

LaChapell Audio Model 583e 500 Series Tube Preamp with power switches

Wide Frequency Response and Filters

The LaChapell Audio Model 583e EQ boasts an impressive frequency response range of 10Hz to 50kHz, ensuring that adjustments to the edges of the audible spectrum are handled accurately. Additionally, the LaChapell Audio Model 583e EQ offers switchable High Pass and Low Pass Filters with two selectable ranges for each. The High Pass Filter offers options at 50Hz and 150Hz, while the Low Pass Filter can be set to 5kHz or 10kHz.

“Good Neighbor” Design

Designed to be a “good neighbor” in your 500 series rack, the LaChapell Audio Model 583e dissipates only about 3 watts of power, ensuring it won’t generate excessive heat. The smart placement of the tube and generous ventilation holes on the PCB prevent interference and guarantee optimal cooling.

Perfect for Any Studio

Whether you’re recording, mixing, or mastering, the LaChapell Audio Model 583e EQ and Preamp are a perfect complement to your studio setup. Its mastering-quality EQ and transparent preamp make it an ideal tool for achieving professional-grade audio results.

LaChapell Audio Model 583e 500 Series Tube Preamp with transformerless equalizer

Explore Boundless Possibilities

With the LaChapell Audio Model 583e 500 Series EQ and Preamp, you have a wide array of creative options at your fingertips. Take advantage of the transparent tube preamp and precise 3-band EQ to sculpt your sound exactly the way you envision it. Whether you’re a recording engineer, mixing professional, or mastering enthusiast, LaChapell Audio Model 583e will elevate your audio production to new heights. Unlock its full potential and experience unparalleled sonic clarity with LaChapell Audio.

Versatile Functionality

The LaChapell Audio Model 583eoffers additional functions for added flexibility. It features four illuminated NKK toggle switches, allowing you to engage 48V phantom power, activate a 20dB input pad, reverse polarity, and choose between microphone and high-Z instrument inputs.


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Additional information




10Hz to 50KHz (flat)




0.012% (@ +4 output)

EQ Input Resistance

40 Kohms

EQ Output Resistance

50 Kohms

EQ Self-Noise



+/- 8dBu





Preamp THD+N (gain @50dB, 0dBu output)


Preamp Frequency Response (-3dB, output favored)



3.5 lbs

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LaChapell Audio Model 583e 500 Series 3-band Equalizer

LaChapell Audio Model 583e 500 Series 3 - Band Equalizer - Amazing Facts!

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