Looptrotter Emperor 500 Series Limiter


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  • Analog dynamics processor with compressor, limiter, and harmonics distortion capabilities.
  • Intuitive control panel without distracting meters for focused sound shaping.
  • Adds warmth, brightness, and character to audio with customizable DRIVE settings.
  • Vintage-inspired design with a FET transistor for subtle sound reduction and harmonics.
  • Two independent filters for precise timbre shaping without phase shifting.
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Introducing the Looptrotter Emperor 500 Series Limiter

The Looptrotter Emperor 500 Series Limiter is a cutting-edge analog dynamics processor, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled sonic performance. Engineered to cater to the needs of audio professionals, this limiter is designed to provide vivid, warm, and character-rich sounds for a wide range of instruments.

Analog Brilliance:

Embrace the charm of classic analog sound with the Emperor 500 Series Limiter. It boasts the ability to operate as a compressor, limiter, and harmonics distortion generator, giving your audio a powerful and unmistakably analog character that’s truly unique.

Looptrotter Emperor 500 Series side chainIntuitive Control Panel:

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Emperor 500 features an easy-to-use control panel. Free from distracting in/out meters or sound reduction indicators, it ensures you stay fully immersed in shaping the sound, rather than getting bogged down by technical distractions.

Warmth and Brightness:

Experience the magic of the Emperor 500’s DRIVE settings, allowing you to fine-tune the perceived loudness, warmth, and brightness of your audio signal. Unlike transparent processors, this unit adds a touch of warmth and brightness, creating a captivating and organic listening experience.

Vintage Inspiration:

At its core lies a meticulously engineered FET transistor, inspired by the iconic limiters and transistor compressors of the 1960s. This transistor imparts a subtle yet remarkable sound reduction, introducing a delicate touch of low-order harmonics that add depth and character to your audio.

Innovative Filters:

The Emperor 500 boasts two independently operating filters embedded in the control circuit. These filters enable precise timbre shaping without unwelcome phase shifting. Whether cutting low frequencies for transparent and natural results or boosting high frequencies for de-essing and compression, this limiter ensures top-notch audio quality.

Looptrotter Emperor 500 Series siden chain filter

Three Preset Modes:

Enjoy flexibility with three factory presets for attack and release settings:

FAST: A lightning-fast setting that transforms the Emperor 500 into a limiter, delivering rich and dense input signal saturation.
MED: This preset activates the Emperor 500 as a fast compressor, providing dynamic control for your audio signals.
SLOW: In this mode, the Emperor 500 functions more like a classic analog compressor, offering gentle and smooth limiting.

Complete Signal Control

The Emperor 500 puts you in the driver’s seat with independent control over DRY and WET signals. Tailor your audio tracks precisely, whether you seek subtle colorization while preserving the original dynamics or desire full 100% analog treatment.

Unleash Your Creativity

With the Emperor 500 Series Limiter, the possibilities are endless. Sculpt your sound, infuse vintage character, and explore new audio horizons with the creative power of this remarkable analog dynamics processor. Elevate your audio production to new heights with Looptrotter’s expertise and the Emperor 500 Series Limiter.


  • Three preset attack/release modes for versatile signal control.
  • Independent control over DRY and WET signals for precise audio processing.
  • Enhances perceived loudness while maintaining analog charm.
  • Perfect for instruments, offering unique and vivid analog sound.

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