Merging Technologies Anubis Pro Audio Interface with Ravenna

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  • LAN control with web-based interface
  • 8 AES/EBU I/O on DSub 25
  • 8 ADAT or 2 SPDIF I/O on TOSLINK
  • RAVENNA-AES67 I/O on RJ45
  • Sync options: LTC, MTC, VideoRef, Wck (requires CON-D15-VTC cable)

The Merging Technologies Anubis Pro is a versatile and high-quality audio interface designed for various professional audio applications. Here’s a summary of its key features and capabilities:

Versatile Audio Interface:

Anubis Pro is a 32-bit audio interface with 4 inputs and 6 outputs. It is equipped with Ravenna technology, making it suitable for various audio workflows.

anubis pro merging

Multiple Workflows:

Anubis Pro caters to different audio production workflows, including monitor control, music recording, and network audio monitoring.

Network Control:

The interface allows you to expand its capabilities by connecting to other RAVENNA/AES67 devices on the network. It provides control over various scenarios, from small setups to large orchestral recordings, whether you’re close to the equipment or remotely accessing it.

anubis pro

Broadcast Compliance:

Anubis is designed to meet industry standards for IP in broadcasting, including ST2110 and ST2022 compliance. It ensures compatibility and adherence to broadcasting technology requirements.

Network Audio Monitoring:

Anubis not only supports monitoring of analog and digital inputs but also allows direct monitoring of AES67/RAVENNA streams on your network. This makes it future-proof for evolving network audio technologies.

anubis pro interface

Merging Quality:

Merging Technologies is known for its high audio quality, and Anubis Pro lives up to this reputation with exceptional A/D and D/A performance, along with pristine mic preamps.

Superb Specifications:

Anubis Pro offers impressive specifications, including high sampling rates (up to 192kHz), DSD support (up to DSD256), and mastering-grade preamp and amp.

Ease of Operation:

The interface features a user-friendly interface with a multi-touch display and dedicated buttons for volume control, monitor selection, talkback, and mute. It can also be controlled remotely via tablets or web browsers.


Anubis Pro is highly configurable, allowing you to set up and customize various parameters such as monitor types, EQ settings, talkback options, and more.

Versatile and Scalable:

It supports in-the-box monitoring with up to 4 monitors, 4 sources, 4 cue mixes, and 2 headphones. It also offers expandable I/O options through compatible Merging devices like Hapi or Horus.

Bass Management and Speaker Alignment:

Anubis Pro provides comprehensive bass management and speaker alignment features, including adjustable crossover filters, cut-off slopes, trim levels, time alignment, and LFE boost functions.

Overall, the Merging Technologies Anubis Pro is a feature-rich and high-performance audio interface suitable for a wide range of professional audio production applications, offering exceptional audio quality and flexibility.


  • Windows Driver/OS RAVENNA ASIO v12.0 (ASIO 2.2) for Win7 64-bit/Win8.1 64-bit / Win10 64-bit
  • Mac Driver/OS VAD Core Audio for MacOS 10.8.5 or higher (Intel)
  • Linux Driver/OS ALSA Linux driver for RAVENNA/AES67
  • ANEMAN Version 1.1.7 and above

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2 lbs



Input Connectors

1/4-inch TRS, XLR Combo Jack TS

Output Connectors

1/4-inch TRS, Analog XLR

Computer Connection


Midi Connections

In, Out

Maximum Sampling Rate

192 kHz

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merging technologies anubis pro audio interface

Merging Technologies Anubis Pro Audio Interface with Ravenna

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