PMC result6 Loudspeakers Active Studio Monitors – Pair

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  • 2-way near field monitor with Advanced Transmission Line Technology.
  • 24 dB/octave analogue crossover for precise sound separation.
  • Class-D amplifiers: 100W for LF and 65W for HF.
  • D-Fins and D-Find HF technology for enhanced high-frequency reproduction.
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The PMC Result6 is a two-way active studio monitor developed by PMC Loudspeakers, known for their Acoustic Transmission Line (ATL) technology and innovative design features. Here are some key features and details about the PMC Result6:

pmc result6 speaker

Acoustic Transmission Line (ATL):

The Result6 utilizes PMC’s ATL technology, which involves placing the bass driver at one end of a long, acoustically damped transmission line. This design allows for extended and well-controlled low-frequency response without coloration.


The PMC Result6 features a 27mm fabric soft dome tweeter with D-Fins, which are designed to improve high-frequency dispersion. This results in an extra-wide stereo sweet spot and a more detailed stereo image.

pmc result6

High-Quality Amplification:

The studio monitor is equipped with high-power amplifiers, with 65W for the high-frequency driver and 100W for the low-frequency driver. This ensures accurate and powerful sound reproduction.

Cabinet Decoupling Bands:

The Result6 incorporates cabinet decoupling bands, which prevent the monitor from slipping and acoustically decouple it from the surface it’s placed on. This helps to eliminate unwanted vibrations that can color the sound.

Anchor Points:

These allow for wall mounting and precise positioning of the speakers.

pmc result6 studio monitor

Laser Measurement:

PMC’s laser-based measurement system is used for precise assessment and optimization of the drivers’ performance. It measures the surface of the drive units during operation to achieve the highest level of accuracy and performance.

Two-Stage Driver Refinement:

PMC employs a two-stage driver refinement process. First, the bass driver is optimized using laser measurements in free space. Then, the driver is placed into the speaker cabinet and ATL, and laser measurements are repeated to fine-tune the entire system for optimal performance.

Sonic Benefits:

The D-Fins enhance off-axis response, expanding the stereo sweet spot and preserving high-frequency clarity. The ATL technology provides extended and well-balanced bass response with no coloration, consistent apparent balance at all volume levels, and higher sound pressure levels without compression or listener fatigue.

Simplified Design:

The Result6 focuses on simplicity and does not rely on complex DSP-based user options or room profiles. Instead, its engineering is dedicated to achieving a naturally neutral and consistent PMC reference sound.

In summary, the PMC Result6 is a high-quality studio monitor that combines innovative design features like ATL technology and D-Fins with precise laser measurements to deliver exceptional audio performance. It offers a wide stereo sweet spot, extended and clear bass, and reliable sonic accuracy, making it a valuable tool for audio professionals.


Additional information

Usable frequency response

45Hz – 22kHz

Maximum SPL

112dB @1metre

Effective ATL length

1.5m (4.9ft)

Crossover frequency


Drive units

LF 170mm (6.5 inch), doped natural fibre cone
HF 27mm fabric soft dome

Cabinet dimensions

H380 x W199 x D360 (mm)

Input connectors

Balanced analogue XLR, wired Pin-1 screen, Pin-2 hot, Pin-3 cold

Mains power

IEC connector, 90-260V

Amplifier section

LF 100Wrms, HF 65Wrms

Gain trim

-10dB to +10dB

Input impedance

> 8kΩ


8kg (17.6lbs)

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PMC result6 6.5-inch 2-way Active Studio Monitors with 65W 1" Tweeter,100W 6.5" Woofer (Pair)

PMC result6 Loudspeakers Active Studio Monitors - Pair

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