SSL SiX Ultimate Desktop Analog Mixer

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    • Legendary SSL studio tools condensed for versatility and portability.
    • SuperAnalogue design for pristine, detailed, and wide-ranging audio performance.
    • Two recording channels with transparent SuperAnalogue Mic Preamps and 66dB gain.
    • Classic SSL Channel EQ and Dynamics with streamlined one-knob compressor.
    • New two-band Channel EQ with selectable shelf and bell curves.
    • G-Series Bus Compressor on main mix bus for SSL’s signature glue and snap.
    • Professional routing and monitoring features, including stereo Cue buses.
    • 12-input summing at mixdown for analog depth and width in mixes.
    • Line-level inputs with stereo and mono options for versatile connectivity.
    • Compact and lightweight design with dimensions of 310mm x 120mm x 270mm.
    • Included external power supply with 5-Pin XLR connector.
    • 38 Watts power consumption for efficient operation.
    • Designed for studio, post-production, live stage, and podcasting applications.
    • Listen Mic Compressor for unique 1980s drum sound.
    • Fully balanced signal path with exception of the headphone output

The SSL SiX Ultimate Desktop Analog Mixer is a compact and portable audio mixing console that offers the renowned SuperAnalogue sound quality and a range of professional features. It’s designed to be versatile enough for use in recording studios, post-production, live performances, and podcasting. Below is a breakdown of its key features and specifications:

Key Features:

SuperAnalogue Sound:

The SSL SiX is built with the SuperAnalogue design, delivering high-quality audio performance comparable to larger SSL consoles. It ensures ultra-low noise, ultra-low distortion, wide dynamic range, and excellent imaging.

Two Recording Channels:

The mixer provides two mono channels equipped with SSL SuperAnalogue Mic Preamps. These preamps offer transparency, speed, and a wide gain range of 66dB, which is higher than many other compact mixers. They feature phantom power, a 75Hz high-pass filter, and can be switched to accept line-level or high-impedance instrument inputs.

Channel Processing:

Each mono channel includes a one-knob compressor circuit based on the classic SSL feed-forward Channel Compressor. This compressor has a program-dependent attack time and fixed release time and ratio settings. Additionally, both mono channels have a new two-band SSL EQ that can switch between shelf and bell curves.

100mm Faders:

The SiX is equipped with 100mm faders for precise level control, enhancing on-stage usage compared to rotary or smaller faders.

Insert Points:

Both mono channels have fully balanced insert points after the EQ and compressor circuits, allowing you to integrate external signal processors. The insert send is always active and can be used as a “dry” record send to a DAW.

Alternate Input Switch:

The mono channels include an alternate input switch that allows you to source two additional mono channels from a connector on the rear of the console, which can be useful during mixdown.

Line Level Inputs:

The SiX offers two stereo input channels with -10/+20 dB trim for line-level sources such as synthesizers, drum machines, and soundcards. When only the left input of a stereo channel is connected, the channel automatically switches to mono and is panned center.

G Series Bus Compressor:

The main mix bus features a G Series Bus Compressor with fixed settings for ratio, attack, and release. This compressor is known for its SSL “glue” and is widely used for adding cohesion and dynamics to mixes.

Routing and Monitoring:

The SiX features professional routing and monitoring features, including two stereo Cue buses for individual artist foldback mixes, main and alternate monitor outputs, mono check, dim, cut, PFL, and Mute buttons. It also includes a talkback mic input with the unique Listen to Mic Compressor, which adds a classic 1980s drum sound.

12-Input Summing: In mixdown mode, the SiX can serve as a twelve-channel summing system, providing analog depth, detail, and width to your mixes.


Dimensions: Front to Back Depth: 310 mm, Height: 120 mm (including feet), Width: 218 mm (Excluding Trim), 270 mm (Including Trim)
Power: 38 Watts
Weight: Unboxed Weight: 3.5 kg, Boxed Weight: 6.0 kg
Boxed Size: Depth x Height x Width: 325 mm x 155 mm x 360 mm

In summary, the SSL SiX Ultimate Desktop Analog Mixer offers a powerful yet compact solution for professionals seeking top-tier sound quality, versatile features, and portability in a variety of audio production contexts. Whether in the studio, on stage, or for podcasting, it provides the signature SSL sound and workflow.

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SSL SiX Ultimate Desktop Analog Mixer

SSL SiX Ultimate Desktop Analog Mixer

169900188500 (-10%)

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