Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor – Pair

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The Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor is a high-quality studio monitor designed for accurate sound reproduction. Here are some key features and details about the HS5:

Bi-Amplified Design:

The HS5 features a bi-amplified design with dedicated power amps for the 5-inch cone woofer (45 watts) and the 1-inch dome tweeter (25 watts). This ensures that both the low and high-frequency components are driven with precision.

yamaha hs5 speaker

Driver Configuration:

It is equipped with a 5-inch cone woofer for handling low-frequency sounds and a 1-inch dome tweeter with a waveguide capable of reproducing frequencies up to 30kHz. This driver combination provides a wide frequency response range, allowing for accurate monitoring of audio.

Low Resonance Enclosure Design:

The cabinet of the HS5 is designed to minimize unwanted resonance, ensuring accurate sound reproduction. The dense MDF construction and the use of a traditional three-way mitered-joint technique help eliminate unwanted vibrations that can affect the overall sound quality.

yamaha hs5 studio monitor

Noise Reduction Technology:

Yamaha has incorporated noise reduction technology in the design of the speaker ports. This technology helps reduce vortex-induced air vibrations inside the ports, minimizing unwanted noise and improving the clarity of the sound. This can reduce noise levels by up to 6dB.

Controls and Connectivity:

The HS5 offers flexibility in adjusting the sound to suit different room acoustics. It features two response controls: ROOM CONTROL, which helps attenuate exaggerated low-end frequencies that can occur when speakers are placed close to walls, and HIGH TRIM, which provides control over high-frequency response. The monitor accepts both balanced and unbalanced signals through XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs, making it compatible with various studio setups and equipment.

yamaha hs5

Frequency Response:

The HS5 has a frequency response range from 54Hz to 30kHz, which covers a wide spectrum of audio frequencies, allowing for detailed monitoring of audio content.

Power Amplification:With a combined power output of 70 watts (45 watts for the low-frequency driver and 25 watts for the high-frequency driver), the HS5 is capable of producing clean and powerful sound, making it suitable for various studio applications.

Room Adaptation:The ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM controls help you optimize the speaker’s response to the acoustic characteristics of your room, allowing for accurate monitoring in different environments.

In summary, the Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor is a well-designed studio monitor with features aimed at delivering accurate and clear sound reproduction. Its bi-amplified design, low resonance enclosure, noise reduction technology, and versatile controls make it a popular choice among audio professionals and music producers for studio monitoring applications.

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Yamaha HS5 5 inch nearfield active studio monitor

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor - Pair

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