WesAudio ngLEVELER 16-Channel Analog Automation System

16-channel Analog Automation System with Digital Control

Game-Changing Digitally Controlled Analog Automation System

WesAudio designed their ngLEVELER 16-channel analog automation system to be a studio hub with innovative features and simple analog connectivity that make it a game-changer for many applications. In addition to its automation engine, it also provides variable analog saturation per-channel, for more presence and punch in your mixes. The first thing you’ll notice is that the ngLEVELER doesn’t have any physical controls — you have total control via its dedicated DAW plug-in, HUI control, or both.

Streamline and supercharge your workflow

The myriad of ways you can deploy the ngLEVELER will change the way you do business by streamlining and supercharging your studio workflows. The ngLEVELER’s passive pads work wonders between preamp output and A/D converters to manage signal going into your DAW, particularly with high-level preamplifiers that can output a very hot signal. You can use it as an automation system for analog console insert points. The ngLEVELER’s vintage-style processor lets you weak your signal level into the sweet spot and back it off before hitting the converter. The unit is also brilliant as an automation system for any analog summing stage. Or you can use it for post-compression automation, which solves a very common mixing problem. As an analog processor driver, the ngLEVELER also implements channel-linking improvements, as it can be used to drive analog processor units with different signals.

100% analog, full digital control

WesAudio, a company masterminded by Radoslaw Wesolowski and headquartered in Poland, spearheaded an initiative they call “ng,” which stands for next-generation. The company’s first ng products were designed around 500 Series modules with a special connector that mates with receiver connectors in the company’s _TITAN NG500 Recall chassis. On its rear panel, the _TITAN is fitted with a USB jack for connection to your computer, as well as Ethernet for networked setups. All ng500-compatible modules in the rack are able to communicate with your computer via a single data cable.

Now, the ng program has been extended to 19" rack equipment like the ngLEVELER. The gear — both 500 Series and rackmount — includes free downloadable software that appears in your DAW session as a standard plug-in and lets you control your analog hardware with software precision. Every setting and automation move is saved along with your DAW session file. How cool is that? Engineers at Sweetwater are deeply into the concept: an elegant marriage of hardware and software, designed for modern hybrid analog/digital workflows.

WesAudio ngLEVELER 16-channel Analog Automation System Features:

  • 16 channels of analog automation with total recall and 24dBu of headroom
  • 6dB passive attenuator (Pad) for better integration with high level signals
  • Very low noise and distortion: THD+N < 0.01%
  • Mute and Solo for each channel
  • Proprietary THD implementation
  • In and Out (before and after signal leveling) metering fully integrated with DAW plug-in
  • Flexible DAW/Live plug-in control for instant recall
  • DB-25 analog connectivity
  • Management via Ethernet or USB
  • Supports advanced plug-in for all DAW formats (VST2/VST3/AU/AAX)
  • Fully compatible with HUI

Main features summary:

16 channels of analog automation with total recall
+25dBu(IN) / +28dBu(OUT) of headroom
6dB passive attenuator (PAD) 
for better integration with high level signals
Very low noise and distortion – THD+N < 0.01%
for each channel
HUI controller integration
16 channels of Proprietary THD
IN and OUT (before and after signal leveling) metering fully integrated with DAW plug-in
Flexible DAW/Live plug-in control for instant recall
DB-25 analog connectivity
Management via Ethernet or USB
Fully digitally controlled and isolated analog circuit,
Full automation record via HUI
Free software and firmware upgrades


THD+N(20Hz-20kHz) at 0dBu < 0.008%
Freq response: 0-250kHz (-3dB)
Input impedance  > 10kohm
Output impedance < 50ohm
Channels crosstalk > 100dB
Max input level:  +25dBu
Max output level: +28dBu
Dynamic range > 118dB
Hardware Digital resolution: ~2500 steps per channel*

Usage examples:

1. Summing stage automation

ngLEVELER can be integrated in any spot in analog chain which requires signal level management or automation. One of such situation is level management or automation of signal which goes out from our outboard gear to the summing stage. This gives us few very important benefits:

  • POST Compression automation or level management – changing signal level which goes out from our converter (DAW automation) will cause our compressor to behave differently. This makes it impossible to automate, and is quite problematic situation to handle even with simple signal level balance changes. In this setup we can keep our summing stage signal level at same level, and leave automation and signal level management to ngLEVELER so it can be easily recalled upon session load!
  • OUT signal management and automation – all outboard gear have a sweet spot which usually depends on a signal level which comes in. In most cases we don’t want to automate signal going in, but signal which goes out from the device. With ngLEVELER we can easily manage this signal:
    • not to clip next analog stage,
    • Or automate it when needed!

 2. Any analog outboard automation

In this particular example, ngLEVELER is integrated between each analog outboard process input, and output, of course it can be configured only to output, or only to input if needed. ngLEVELER allows us to work with very hot signals where many audio interfaces can’t deal with. Benefits:

  • Precise level management of signal going IN and OUT,
  • High level signal support of outboard OUT signal (ngLEVELER +24dBU and 6dB PAD) allows us to properly tune signal going in to our A/D converter.

3. Analog outboard drive

In this scenario we can configure our stereo processing before and after outboard gear, and link those channels in an opposite way. So while increasing level on the input of our outboard processor, it will automatically decrease on its output before hitting further stage. So we can easily find a sweet spot of our processor which can be fairly high for some vintage gear.

4. Recording session management

Studios of each size need some centerpiece which will help to manage recording and mixing session. Using ngLeveler in such situations, allows to precisely set levels which will hit A/D converter, add some analog saturation, and using “Solo and Mute” buttons manage our sessions with ease. Benefits:

  • Signal level management going IN to A/D converter, with ngLEVELER 6dB PAD and +24dBu of headroom, it is very easy to support very hot signals coming from our microphone preamplifiers.
  • Each session level signals can be easily recall upon session load!

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