Neve 1073DPX 2-channel Mic Preamp & EQ

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Neve Dual 1073 Channel Strip Authenticity for Modern Studio

Since its release in 1970, the Neve 1073DPX channel amplifier has been coveted by leading engineers and producers as the pinnacle of distinctive microphone preamplification and the pinnacle of “British EQ.” During the Golden Age of Analogue, professional recording studios were dominated by Neve 80-series consoles, whose punchy and authoritative sound was defined by the 1073 mic/line input module. These days, the AMS Neve 1073DPX 2-channel Mic/Line/DI Preamp & EQ rackmount unit can give your studio that classic sound. The 1073DPX is a strong, adaptable channel strip that is constructed to the same specs of the original with matching components to ensure sound authenticity and upgraded with new functionality to fit the demands of today’s studio processes.

Renowned, commanding “big iron” sound

The Neve 1073DPX has been the world’s most sought-after mic preamp and equaliser since the 1970s. Its unique sound and remarkable adaptability are two of its main selling points. The 1073 can handle even your lowest-output passive ribbon mics on silent sources because to its ample 80dB of available gain. Even while the Neve 1073DPX of today still has all the vintage credentials, AMS Neve is still an R&D-driven business that constantly enhances its traditional designs to match and surpass the performance standards of today’s hybrid analog-digital processes.Custom transformer-balanced Class A circuitry is synonymous with the name Rupert Neve. AMS Neve is a leader in this field, and the 1073DPX’s input and output stages feature their own, cutting-edge Neve Marinair standard transformers. Neve consoles, with its “big iron” transformers, produce rich, full-bodied sound with powerful lows, aggressive midrange presence, and smooth, airy highs. They also deliver wide, linear bandwidth while preserving audiophile quality throughout the spectrum.

Build quality comparable to that of the military

With its traditional RAF blue-gray colouring, the Neve 1073DPX Preamp & EQ provides an unparalleled user experience. Even when compared to most of the high-end pro audio equipment available today, the Neve 1073DPX’s sturdy construction, which includes its rotary controls, sturdy metalwork, and internal circuitry, is clearly superior. And using it is a pleasure. Everything feels perfect when it’s working, from the pots’ spoon-in-honey throw to the switches’ satisfyingly exact click. Vintage Neve equipment was constructed using mil-spec components and materials, as was all pro audio equipment of the time. This, together with its remarkable sonic quality, explains why Neve consoles that are over 50 years old are still found in prestigious studios across the globe.Professional audio equipment was once constructed in this manner, and AMS Neve continues to do so.

The mythology goes on.

The name Neve inspires respect at the pro audio. Although he began creating audio equipment during the tube console period, Rupert Neve became well-known for his solid-state creations. In the 1960s, Mr Neve opened up shop in Little Shelford and had numerous challenges building his brand in the era of emerging technologies. In the UK, transistors were novel, pricey, and hard to come by in large quantities. In contrast to today’s environment, where parts are easily accessible and reasonably priced from several suppliers bidding for business, reliable faders were nonexistent a long time ago. Still, Rupert did not give up. And by the early 1970s, Neve was operating smoothly, collecting orders and producing transformer-balanced consoles on demand for broadcast and recording facilities throughout the globe.

Neve 80-series

The massive, powerful, and authoritative sound of Neve 80-series consoles helped to define the sound of ’70s rock. Top studios were adding Neve 1073DPX consoles as quickly as they could, from London to New York to Los Angeles and many other places. By 1978, Neve boards were an essential part of any recording studio with aspirations to be on par with the best in the world, thanks to the release of the NECAM automation system and the magnificent 8078, the ultimate in handwired analogue “production” consoles. Since then, AMS Neve has led the way in innovation with ground-breaking devices like the VR, VX, and 88R series consoles. And even now, the business keeps pushing the boundaries of technology by producing state-of-the-art pro audio equipment that sounds amazing and deftly handles the problems presented by the digital era.

AMS Neve 1073DPX Microphone 2-channel Preamp & EQ Features:

  • Legendary Neve EQ and preamplification in two channels, housed in a 2U rackmount chassis
  • Constructed according to the precise specs of the original, using compatible parts to guarantee auditory authenticity
  • Vintage transformer-balanced Class A Neve Mic/Line/DI preamp
  • Adaptable, powerful, and unambiguous Three-band British EQ
  • EQ in/out switch, polarity reversal switch, and highpass filter
  • Mic, line, and DI input connections on the front panel; switchable mic/line input connections on the rear panel
  • Hi/Lo impedance, 20dB pad, switchable 48V phantom power, and DI ground lift on the input stage
  • Add a send and return loop that can be switched between post- and pre-EQ
  • separate settings for the output level of each channel
  • Each channel has a 7-segment LED signal level metre that can be switched to display the level of the EQ stage, output stage, mic/line/DI input, or both.
  • Headphone output with selectable channels and a volume control
  • Microphone Input: Adjust in 5dB steps from +80dB to +20dB.
  • Line input: 10k bridging input impedance, 5dB steps of gain from +20dB to -10dB
  • Transformer balanced and earth free, both line inputs are DI inputs: Impedance of input: 1 mΩ for pad out and 10 kΩ for pad in; Gain: +80 dB to +20 dB in 5 dB steps
  • Maximum Output: Transformer balanced at >+26dBu into 600Ω
  • Noise: <0.07% at +20dBu output (80kHz bandwidth) between 50Hz and 10kHz into 600Ω
  • Regularity Response: 20Hz–20kHz, ±0.5dB, and -3dB at 40kHz (EQ out).
  • Multi-voltage external PSU
  • Created and manufactured in England by engineers at AMS Neve

Frequency Levels of Neve 1073DPX:

  • High Frequency: 12 kHz fixed-frequency shelving with a smooth +/-16dB range
  • Mid-frequency: Selectable centre frequencies of 0.36kHz, 0.7kHz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz, and 7.2kHz, with smooth +/-18dB peaking and fixed Q.
  • Low Frequency: 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz, and 220Hz selectable frequencies with smooth +/-16dB shelving
  • Highpass filter: adjustable between 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, and 300Hz, with an octave slope of 18dB.

Neve 1073DPX Button Controls:

  • The FRONT button allows you to switch the audio input to the front mic/line combo connector (whether the FRONT switch is engaged or not, the DI input always takes precedence over the Mic input).
  • Combo XLR/Jack input: For mic sources, use the XLR input; for line-level sources, use the 6.35mm jack input.
  • 48V button provides the front and rear XLR mic inputs with 48V phantom power (adjacent LED glows when phantom power is activated).
  • The Lo Z button The microphone input’s default input impedance is 1200Ω. By pressing the Lo Z switch, the input is reconfigured with a 300Ω input impedance.
  • By severing any ground loop, the LIFT button can reduce hum or buzz and provide ground lift for the DI input.FRONT button: Switches the audio input to the front mic/line combo connector (DI input always overrides the Mic input, whether the FRONT switch is engaged or not)
  • When activated, the DI I/P button changes the input impedance from approximately 1MΩ to approximately 10kΩ.
  • The -20 button attenuates the DI input by 20dB. Balanced, high-impedance input for direct injection; microphone inputs switch off automatically when the jack is inserted
  • 80dB gain is available for line/mic volume control on tap.
  • Button for phase: 180° phase polarity reversal at balanced output
  • EQ button The equaliser can be turned on or off by the INS button. Introduce loop into the signal path by switching it.
  • PRES button Repositions the post-EQ insert loop to the pre-EQ position when activated.

Different Level of Neve 1073DPX Controls:

  • Controls the output level. Turning this knob moves the level metre take-off point through three signal path stages (pre-EQ, post-EQ, and post output stage), which are shown by neighbouring LEDs.
  • Launch LEDs and Cut Three LEDs are used as indicators. One of the LEDs illuminates green to show the selected take-off point; the other two LEDs light red if the take-off point is about to clip.
  • Level Metre: Seven-segment peak level metre; turning the knob permits audio level monitoring at three different points (output stage, EQ stage, or mic/line/DI input stage) up to +24dB.
  • VOLUME: Adjusts the headphone output’s volume. Turning this knob cycles through three monitoring modes (channel 1 in both ears, channel 1 and 2 in stereo, and channel 2 in both ears), which are shown by the LEDs next to each other.
  • Phone Jack: Stereo headphone output jack measuring 6.35 mm
  • POWER: Turns the device on or off; while it’s on, a nearby LED illuminates.

Additional information

Preamp Type

Solid State

Number of Channels


Phantom Power




Polarity Switch



3-band EQ, Highpass Filter

Analog Inputs

2 x XLR-1/4″ combo (mic/line), 4 x XLR (mic/line)

Analog Outputs

2 x XLR (line)


1 x 1/4″

Other I/O

2 x 1/4″ (DI), 4 x 1/4″ (send/return)

Rack Spaces


Power Source

48V DC power supply (included)








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Neve 1073DPX 2-channel Mic Preamp & EQ

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