Rupert Neve 545 500 Series Primary Source Enhancer

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500 Series: Primary Source Enhancer

The Rupert Neve 545 Primary Source Enhancer, based on the circuitry in Rupert Neve Designs’ Portico 5045, is a monaural 500 Series module that behaves similarly to a noise gate but on a different premise. With its excellent background bleed attenuation and feedback suppression, the 5045 has become a fixture in numerous tour racks, stadia, houses of worship, and broadcast studios, primarily replacing noise gates in live applications where noise and feedback suppression are critical. The 545 now delivers the same natural-sounding performance and dependability as the handy 500 Series configuration. The 545 is extremely good at reducing feedback without compromising the source’s acoustic integrity, increasing the amplitude of a live mic signal by up to 20 dB before feedback occurs. The 545’s simple control set allows for quick on-the-fly modifications during performances, making it an excellent choice for unattended, set-it-and-forget-it settings.

Block the bleed and dump the feedback.

If you’ve been experiencing background bleed and persistent feedback issues, the Rupert Neve Designs 545 Primary Source Enhancer is a great alternative to a standard noise gate or feedback-fighting system. The Rupert Neve 545 functions similarly to a traditional noise gate, reducing gain in the absence of signal and attenuating when the level falls below a user-defined threshold. But that is where the similarities end. With only a few simple adjustments, you can achieve the ideal amount of background level reduction without significantly influencing your sound.

Fast, simple, and intuitive operation.

Simply insert the Rupert Neve 545 into the problematic channels on your mixing console and carefully adjust the threshold until the backdrop disappears between the performer’s lines. The depth control allows you to fine-tune the amount of attenuation used, resulting in completely natural-sounding results free of noise and feedback. The lighted Fast button toggles between two time constants, determining how soon attenuation begins in the intervals between phrases. The lighted peak button toggles between peak and RMS detection modes. Peak mode is ideal for capturing quick transient peaks and creating dynamic envelope shapes, whereas RMS mode creates a slower, averaged response in the sidechain.

Custom Rupert Neve input and output transformers.

The Rupert Neve 545 is an all-analog device that achieves exceptional results without any filtering or digital processing. The 545’s circuitry, which is based on proprietary Rupert Neve input and output transformers, provides improved noise and feedback control while maintaining the source material’s acoustic purity. The Rupert Neve Designs 545 has left live engineers speechless. We believe you will be, too.

Rupert Neve 545: Primary Source Enhancer Features:
This 1-channel 500 Series module reduces background bleed and suppresses feedback, making it ideal for live sound applications.
Must-have for tour racks and venue installations.
Threshold, Depth, and Fast settings define reaction characteristics.
Not freestanding; requires a suitable 500 Series chassis.
Solid construction quality for many years of service.

Simple, intuitive controls
With a simple control set, the 545’s ease of use makes it perfect even when a full-time or experienced engineer is not available, and it enables quick adjustments on the go, even during performances.

The illuminated push-button activates the Primary Source Enhancer’s effect.

This LED illuminates when the 545 is actively altering the signal, i.e., when the input signal has exceeded the enhancement threshold. Because this LED should typically be flashed when the appropriate source is available (for example, a vocalist singing), it is highly useful when configuring the 545 for use.

Rupert Neve 545 sets the dBu level at which the Primary Source Enhancer activates.

The DEPTH knob sets the 545’s greatest effect, or how much attenuation is applied once the input signal falls below the threshold. By rotating the DEPTH control clockwise from 0 dB to -20 dB, the 545 will attenuate the input signal more significantly, allowing the user to strike the ideal balance between the audibility of the primary source enhancement effect and feedback suppression.

The FAST control is a lighted push-button that chooses one of two available time constants, adjusting the 545’s reaction by selecting how rapidly the attenuation happens in the silent periods between words or phrases. Without this button engaged, the Rupert Neve 545 has a slower attack and release, which is a good starting point for most sources. Pressing the FAST push-button activates the faster attack and release time constant, which is ideal for more dynamic sources or sections that require faster transient detection.


The illuminated push-button switches between RMS and peak detection modes. When lighted, the 545 operates in PEAK mode, which is ideal for detecting rapid transient peaks and creative dynamic envelope shaping. When not lit, the Rupert Neve 545 operates in RMS mode, which has a slower, more averaged response in the sidechain.

Additional information


500 Series Enhancer

Processor Type

Background Noise Reduction

Number of Channels

Single channel


Threshold, Depth, Fast button, Peak button

Module Slot Size


Power Usage

±16V DC

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Rupert Neve 545 500 Series Source Enhancer

Rupert Neve 545 500 Series Primary Source Enhancer

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