Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Package Kit

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  • Comprehensive drum microphone package with specialized mics for each component.
  • Includes 1 M82 kick drum mic, 1 M80-SH snare drum mic, 2 M81-SH tom mics, and 2 M60 FET overhead mics.
  • Comes with 6 XLR mic cables (16.4′) featuring right-angle female connectors for convenient mic placement.
  • Rim-attachment mic clips provided for secure and adjustable microphone positioning.
  • Designed to capture killer drum and tom sounds with tailored frequency responses.
  • All-inclusive solution for both live and studio drum recording.
  • Protective flight case included for easy transportation and storage
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Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Package Kit

A detailed overview of the Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Set, including its features and benefits. This microphone package appears to be designed to provide a comprehensive solution for miking up a 4-piece drum kit, including kick drum, snare drum, toms, and overheads. Here’s a summary of the key points mentioned:

telefunken dc6 mic kit

Microphone Selection:

  • M82: Designed for kick drums with an oversized diaphragm, it offers versatile sound with a switchable Kick EQ filter and High Boost function, providing five distinct kick drum sounds.
  • M80-SH: Often used for snare drums, its low-mass capsule and responsive diaphragm offer a dynamic response suitable for capturing snare hits.
  • M81-SH: Designed for toms, it emphasizes lower midrange frequencies for better capture of the toms’ resonance.
  • M60 FET: Cardioid condenser microphones ideal for overheads, hi-hats, and acoustic instruments, offering clear and airy high frequencies.

telefunken dc6


The microphones are not limited to their primary applications; they can be used for various purposes, such as bass cabinets, voice-over work, and acoustic instruments.

Microphone Cables:

The package includes a set of six XLR cables with right-angle female connectors, allowing for convenient and flexible placement of the microphones in tight drum kit configurations.

telefunken dc6 drum mic

Complete Package:

The DC6 Drum Microphone Set is designed to be a comprehensive solution, including the necessary microphones and cables to set up and capture a drum kit’s sound effectively.

Portability and Protection:

The package comes with a hardshell flight case, ensuring safe storage and transport of the microphones.

Overall, the Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Set appears to offer a versatile and convenient solution for drum miking needs, whether in a live or studio setting. It provides a range of microphones designed for specific drum components, along with features that allow for customization and flexibility in capturing various drum sounds.

Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Set Features:

  • A perfect package of microphones for your 4-piece drum kit
  • Great for studio or live use! Includes:
    • 1 M82 – 5 amazing kick drum tones in a single dynamic microphone
    • 1 M80-SH – condenser-like performance that’s perfect for capturing snare drum
    • 2 M81-SH – does an amazing job of handling the low-frequency fundamentals of toms
    • 2 M60 FET – lends airy high frequencies to your overheads
    • 6 x 16.4′ XLR mic cables with right-angle female connecters for easy mic positioning
  • Includes an extremely tough HC80 hardshell flight case plus drum mounts for all mics

Miking up drums? Get the Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Pack!

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Additional information

Number of Microphones


Included Models

1 x M82, 1 x M80-SHB, 2 x M81-SH, 2 x M60 FET

Polar Pattern

Cardioid, Supercardioid

Microphone Type

Dynamic (M80, M81, M82), Condenser (M60 FET)


46dB (M82), 135dB (M80, M81), >130dB (M60

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Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Package Kit

Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Package Kit

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