Telefunken DC7 Drum Microphone Package

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  • Comprehensive drum microphone package for studio and live use.
  • Includes 1 M82 kick drum mic, 1 M80-SH snare drum mic, and 3 M81-SH tom mics.
  • Also features 2 M60 FET overhead mics for airy high frequencies.
  • Comes with 7 XLR mic cables and rim-attachment mic clips.
  • Includes a hard shell flight case for secure transport.
  • All mounts and 5m XLR cables provided.
  • Ideal for capturing a range of drum tones and nuances.
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Telefunken DC7 Drum Microphone Package 5-piece Drum Kit – with Overheads!

It seems like you’ve provided a detailed overview of the Telefunken DC7 Drum Microphone Pack. This microphone bundle is designed specifically for drum recording and live vocal applications. It includes a variety of dynamic and condenser microphones tailored for different drum components. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and components included in the Telefunken DC7 Drum Microphone Pack:

M82 Microphone:

  • Dynamic microphone designed for kick drums
  • Features an oversized 1.37″ moving-coil diaphragm for excellent low-frequency response
  • Equipped with a switchable Kick EQ filter and a switchable High Boost function, providing five distinct kick drum sounds

M80-SH Microphone:

Dynamic microphone designed for snare drums
Features a low-mass capsule and ultra-thin diaphragm for condenser-like performance
Captures the nuances of snare drum hits effectively

M81-SH Microphone:

  • Dynamic microphone designed for toms
  • Offers better low-mid definition and captures the lower fundamental frequencies of toms

M60 FET Microphone:

  • Condenser microphone with a cardioid pattern
  • Delivers a flat EQ response between 150Hz and 7kHz with an airy peak at 8kHz
  • Suitable for drum overheads, hi-hats, and acoustic instruments

Microphone Cables:

  • Includes seven 16.4-foot XLR microphone cables
  • Cables have right-angle female connectors, allowing for easy mic positioning around tight drum kits

Hardshell Flight Case:

  • Comes with a durable HC80 hardshell flight case
  • Provides safe storage and transportation for the microphones

Drum Mounts:

  • The package includes drum mounts for all microphones
  • These mounts facilitate secure placement of microphones on drums

The Telefunken DC7 Drum Microphone Pack offers a comprehensive solution for miking up a drum kit, both in studio and live settings. The combination of different microphones tailored to specific drum components, along with the included accessories like cables, flight case, and mounts, makes it a convenient and versatile choice for drum recording and performances.

Please note that as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the information provided is accurate. However, for the most up-to-date details and availability, I recommend checking Telefunken’s official website or contacting authorized dealers.

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Additional information

Number of Microphones


Included Models

1x M82, 1 x M80-SHB, 3 x M81-SH, 2 x M60 FET

Microphone Type

Type:Dynamic (M80, M81, M82), Condenser (M60 FET)

Polar Pattern

Cardioid, Supercardioid


146dB (M82), 135dB (M80, M81), >130dB (M60)

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Telefunken DC7 Drum Microphone Package

Telefunken DC7 Drum Microphone Package

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