sE Electronics RF Space

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  • Reduces ambiance and reflection.
  • Ten-Layer Acoustic Filter Design
  • 7 vertical bass pillars.
  • The adjustable clamp locks horizontally and vertically and tilts for instrument recording.

SE Electronics RF Space Specialized Portable Acoustic Control Environment Overview:

With a bigger surface area, improvements to sE’s proprietary multi-layer technology, deeper air gaps, and more efficient materials, the SPACE provides excellent full-bandwidth absorption, isolation, and diffusion to help you gain control of your acoustic environment. The SPACE filter is larger than our industry-standard RF Pro and entry-level RF-X, making it ideal for larger microphones.

RF Space Filter:

Our staff at the sE factory hand-builds each SPACE filter rather than mass-producing them with an army of machines, and they are designed to last for years and years of recording.

New specialized mounting hardware enables the SPACE to be simply installed on any microphone stand or drum gear, with a full range of motion—adjustable and locked horizontally, vertically, and tilted at any angle.

This makes the space extremely steady and effective in any recording scenario.

Perfect Acoustic Filter Design:

The SPACE Reflection Filter from sE Electronics allows you to record isolated vocals and instruments. It has a 10-layer acoustic filter design that surrounds your microphone and limits the amount of direct sound that reaches your room, reducing the number of reflections that return to the microphone. The SPACE (Specialized Portable Acoustic Control Environment) filter is made up of seven vertical bass pillars and features sE Electronics’ Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology. It attaches to your stand via a vertically and horizontally adjustable, lockable clamp that may be slanted to allow instrument recording.


Layers include seven vertical bass trap pillars, a punched aluminum diffuser, an acoustic-grade wool absorber, a tensioned aluminum foil membrane diffuser, an isolating air gap, a polycarbonate diffuser, and asymmetric isolating air gaps.

In the Box Contents:

  • The patented polyester acoustic fiberboard comes in a box.
  • 1 × Space Reflexion Filter
  • 1 × Stand Assembly Hardware
  • 2 x sealable sandbags (to support your mic stand if it begins to lean; sand is not included).
  • 1 x microphone stand thread adapter

Manufacture: Made in China.

Additional information


Typically constructed with multiple layers of acoustic materials, including a metal frame and dense foam or other materials designed to absorb and diffuse sound waves.


Comes with a mounting bracket or hardware to attach it to a microphone stand. The filter is usually positioned behind the microphone to capture and absorb unwanted reflections.


Designed to be compatible with a variety of microphones and microphone stands.


Some reflection filters allow for adjustment of the filter's position to accommodate different microphone types or recording setups.


Primarily used for isolating a microphone from room reflections, providing a more controlled recording environment for vocals or instruments.

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sE Electronics RF Space

sE Electronics RF Space

3299036600 (-10%)

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